How to make attractive banner design

New ways of marketing and advertising have been introduced but despite of these new marketing tactics banner ad is still one of the most preferred ways of online web advertising. There is a set of rules which should be kept in mind when designing a banner to achieve effective results.

Select attractive colors for your banner yet keeping the banner simple. Try to associate your banner with your business, so that people can relate your banner with your business. Many small companies frequently make a common mistake of focusing on their logo instead of using a picture that can speak about their business.

Use short and succinct but effective material in your banners. Remember, the efficiency of your traffic rate will depend on the message you will convey.

Sometimes even not so attractive banners get more attention due to their compelling message by this you can understand that your message holds more weight than your beautifully designed banner. While maintaining the balance between both the presentation and content can give you the desired outcome.

Use readable fonts especially on a small banner. Verdana and Arial are two popular fonts which are used online as they are easy to read. Lead your prospective to your message and ideally act on it. Hard to read fonts may make this process more complex.

If your marketing budget allows then make your prospective fill out a survey, participate in a poll or answer a question. These types of interactions will increase your click-thru rate. There are uncomplicated interactive ads that you can have designed from a professional.

Do not to use unnecessary animation for animation’s sake, this type of animation may turn off your audience rather encouraging them to click-thru your ad, it may also divert their attention. These types of animations are barely tolerable.

Place your banners on high traffic sites it will increase your visibility to the larger audience and will ultimately increase your click thru rate.

Make your target market so excited that they have no option than to click on the banner. Every banner should have a URL address in case your banner doesn’t work the reader can click on the link which will direct it to your website. There’s no point to lose potential sales. These are some tips which you should keep in mind when designing a banner ad; it will help you to get an attractive banner design.